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Labour law and Industrial Relations

Determination and passion to handle complex situations

Labour law as a strategic consultancy to assist companies in dealing with the delicate issues related to the relationship with their employees: incentive plans, reorganizations, staff reductions, social shock absorbers, transfers, contracts, welfare policies and labour litigation.

The long experience gained in the field, working closely with the HR departments of multinational and large structured companies, allows our team to understand in depth the relevant and often hidden issues.

The perfect combination of specialist legal expertise and interpersonal skills has allowed us to build lasting and solid relationships and easily connect with business managers.

We perceive the complexities of the situations and the pressure that company managers are under in dealing with conflicting contexts in which they have to give quick and effective answers.

We assist a modern and sophisticated, structured and international clientele: large Italian and foreign groups, but also small and medium-sized companies, including start-ups, as well as managers and CEOs in the management of their working relationship.

Labour Law Sections

  • Negotiation, drafting of individual labour contracts, including pseudo self-employment and self-employment contracts, general agreements and agreements with trade unions, non-competitive agreements, confidentiality agreements and agreements concerning intellectual property in employment relationships;
  • advising on the formalization of employment relationships with foreigners (EU and non EU) in Italy and agreements with Italian employees working abroad (including transfer and posting of workers);
  • analysis and drafting of incentive plans, stock options, stock grants etc.
  • Evaluation of labour aspects of extraordinary financing operations such as M&A, quoting, management buyout;
  • assisting in company transformation operations, both commercial and/or financial (use of social shock absorbers, layoffs, worker mobility, trade union agreements, implementation of staff reduction plans);
  • evaluation of labour aspects of the operations consisting of reallocation, transfer, subcontracting and outsourcing (transfer within national territory, transfer abroad and tender).
  • Analysis of the organization of human resources and of industrial relationships;
  • constructing and organizing of the commercial network, analysis and advice on the related agreements (agency, distribution, financial promoters, credit brokers, franchising, etc.);
  • assistance in implementing internal procedures with implications for employment relationships such as drafting of the behaviour or discipline codes, company policies (including those relating to the use of company assets such as vehicles, telephones, internet and e-mail), security plans.

Evaluation and management of the phase prior to litigation:

  • legal opinions concerning individual or collective dismissals;
  • applying the contracting of the first and second level;
  • analysis of individual positions and potential implications deriving from interpretation of the national, EC and united trades contracting law.
  • Assistance in all litigation concerning or related to employment, self-employment and pseudo self-employment including:
  • individual or collective dismissals;
  • claims for positions or grades;
  • claims deriving from trade union contracting;
  • liability deriving from enforcing work security and/or privacy law;
  • liability for damages caused or related to employment relationships including acts like mobbing, bossing, downgrading, race discrimination, sexual discrimination or alike;
  • claims relating to pseudo self-employment or self-employment relationships such as: administration, agency, mediation, franchising, joint venture, general consultancy;
  • claims and/or problems concerning social security issues.
  • Assisting clients before national Courts and superior jurisdictions (including Supreme Court) and before the European Court of Justice;
  • assisting and defending clients in relationships with trade unions and before national and international arbitration panels;
  • defence strategy and coordination of litigation activity in cooperation with local colleagues in all the foreign jurisdictions.

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