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26 October 2022

Life Sciences

An overview of the Italian National Health Service: key features and future challenges

Stefano Giberti and Erica Benigni provide a description of the current state of the NHS and the developments of digital health in the chapter dedicated to Italy in the prestigious "The Healthcare Law Reviews" edition 6

Authors describe the main features of the NHS, regulation of healthcare facilities , medicines, healthcare professionals and digital health. In this context, protection of IPRs, data sharing, consistency with the EU legal framework, modernisation of healthcare assistance and diagnosis by means of adoption of new technologies (e.g., telemedicine, AI), and more agile scientific assessment, evaluations and analysis both in the R&D space and in the regulatory space (e.g., real-world evidence based approach) are just a few of the opportunities and challenges that Italy will have to face to build a more modern, efficient, effective and quicker way of providing healthcare to its population.

Full article in the attachment.

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