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31 May 2023

Prawo własności przemysłowej i intelektualnej

Federica Santonocito Patent Stars 2023

IPStars, May 2023

15 May 2023

Prawo własności przemysłowej i intelektualnej

Trademarks and metaverse. A European perspective.

Sofia Bernardini and Giulia Romanelli analyze what is happening, giving a different point of view.

30 Mar 2023

Prawo antymonopolowe, prawo konkurencji i ochrony konsumenta

Gabriella Muscolo honored, along with Luca Arnaudo AGCM, during Concurrences Antitrust Writing Awards

Washington DC, 28 March 2023

15 Feb 2023

Prawo handlowe i gospodarcze

Franzosi Dal Negro Setti appoints Franco Guariglia equity partner

20 Jan 2023

Prawo własności przemysłowej i intelektualnej

The role of the Court experts in patent litigation in Italy and before UPC

Our Agata Sobol comments an interesting ruling by the Court of Cassation on Court experts and thier role now and with the entrance of the UPC - EIRP 45 - January 2023

12 Jan 2023

Prawo farmaceutyczne i opieki zdrowotnej

Are alternative resolution instruments effective mechanism in the health and medical sector?

Starting from the recent judicial reform on ADRs by Legislative Decree 149/2022, and after gaining an expertise in the both areas of judicial and pharmaceutical law, our Chiara Brighenti analyses their functioning and current applicability.

22 Dec 2022


We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a 2023 full of satisfaction and joy.

18 Nov 2022

Prawo farmaceutyczne i opieki zdrowotnej

An overview on the Italian Pharma & Medical Device regulation

Lexology GTDT - Italy - October 2022

26 Oct 2022

Prawo farmaceutyczne i opieki zdrowotnej

An overview of the Italian National Health Service: key features and future challenges

Stefano Giberti and Erica Benigni provide a description of the current state of the NHS and the developments of digital health in the chapter dedicated to Italy in the prestigious "The Healthcare Law Reviews" edition 6

13 Oct 2022


Once again, awarded as Law Firm of the Year, by ABL, Alliance of Business Lawyers

Chicago, September 2022