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Corporate & Business Law

A compact, precise, and fierce team for the defence of your enterprise

Increasing complexity of the competitive environment and increasingly tight timescale require companies to respond quickly, precisely and punctually. This is exactly what we offer.

Precision as accuracy in analysing details, precision as meticulousness in reconstructing the facts, precision as achieving the result. The streamlined structure of our teams allows us to assist the companies personally, giving highly personalized professional support and becoming the reference point for any legal issue.

We like to consider ourselves the right-hand man of the businessman, be it entrepreneur, managing director, general manager or manager.

Our experience and the many situations we have faced have made us fierce and strong on corporate and commercial law issues. We provide legal assistance to companies both in day-to-day business and in extraordinary and complex operations such as acquisitions and mergers, as well as in times of crisis.

It is easy to work with us: the compact structure of our teams makes human relationships simple and linear, allowing us to give value to the relationship by focusing on the client with its needs and requirements. Our solutions are always customized and studied ad hoc for each situation.

The fact that some of our partners previously worked in the legal department of large industrial groups allows us to make a balanced assessment of times, costs and likelihood of success of a dispute.

We support our clients in every decision-making process, giving priority to the goal of avoiding litigation with the purpose of quickly reach a settlement of the parties' positions.

We assist large and medium-sized Italian companies and large industrial groups both Italian and international.

Through our Desks, we provide specific assistance to Chinese, Polish and Spanish companies on all matters related to Corporate & Business Law.

Corporate & Business Law Sections

We offer to Italian and foreign companies the consulting during negotiation, drafting and executing of national and international agreements.

As business law lawyers with experience built in Italy and abroad, we are at the disposal of our clients with expertise in the following types of contracts:

  • tenders, outsourcing;
  • agency, distribution, franchising;
  • rental, leasing, commercial renting;
  • financing;
  • joint venture and cooperation agreements;
  • licensing, technology transfer;
  • advertising, sponsoring;
  • transport;
  • sale;
  • any other agreement concerning the business activity and commercial exchanges.
The lawyers from our team monitor and pay particular attention to national and EC legislation in the field of competition, manufacturers’ liability, consumer protection and personal data protection.
We offer assistance and consulting in:
  • the phase of the company setting up;
  • the drafting and revising of company statute and shareholders’ agreements;
  • the executing of ordinary activity with specialized support;
  • the management of the corporate meetings and board of directors meetings for an effective and efficient functioning of the company;
  • the phase of company winding-up.
Always in this field, our corporate law team is active in:
  • drafting of oppositions to corporate and advisory meeting decisions;
  • filing liability actions against the members of organs of the company and persons in charge of accounting control;
  • handling and solution of disputes among shareholders and referring to any other company law litigation.
We assist Italian and foreign medium and large companies in their extraordinary national and cross border operations, especially in case of:
  • assignment and acquisition of shares and/or stake holding;
  • selling of the branch of business;
  • acquisition and cessation of companies;
  • mergers and divisions of companies;
  • leverage buy out operations;
  • increase and reduction of share capital;
  • company restructuring and/or reorganization process.
The lawyers of the corporate law team handle and coordinate the following different activities:
  • due diligence;
  • negotiating and drafting of principal and side agreements and the enclosures;
  • drafting of corporate and advisory meeting decisions etc.;
  • analysing labour law aspects;
  • communicating with competent antitrust authorities;
  • executing of those operations.
We offer assistance and consulting in the following real estate operations:
  • purchase;
  • management;
  • sale of real estate packages with industrial, commercial and residential destination.
In this branch and with reference to factory and industrial zones clearance, certain lawyers of our corporate & business team have developed a specific expertise related to site clearance and to hazardous waste management.

Our team has acquired significant experience in the field of European Community law and assists clients on a day-to-day basis in interpreting EC Regulations and Directives.

We offer, more precisely, consulting services in the following fields for Italian clients abroad and foreign clients in Italy:

  • agriculture;
  • environment;
  • foreign commerce;
  • competition;
  • consumer rights;
  • companies;
  • food products safety.

Moreover we assist our clients in litigation before the European Court of Justice.

We have acquired a specific experience in preliminary and summary proceedings that allow our clients to reach their goals very quickly.

We guarantee our clients a deep and consolidated experience in national and international litigation in the following branches of law:

  • business and business contracts;
  • intellectual property and information technology;
  • corporate;
  • bankruptcy;
  • antitrust;
  • banking and financial markets.
We offer assistance before national courts (including the Supreme Court) and before the European Court of Justice.

In this area the firm offers to assist clients in operations of debt restructuring and in bankruptcy litigation and out-of-court assistance (such as rehabilitation plans, agreements with creditors and bankruptcy agreements, special administration, bankruptcy), in litigation relating to bankruptcy proceedings (revocation actions, liability actions against corporate organs, acquisitions of company assets).

Our lawyers who handle company crisis cases are highly specialized and have often assisted the appointed commissioners of companies subject to special administration procedure as well as court-appointed commissioners.

We offer assistance and consultancy, both to companies and individuals, in the most varied aspects of the world of information, both off-line and on-line, having in our team professionals who are experts and well known in the field of information law thanks to the hundreds of publications on the subject and the participation in conventions, seminars, lessons and training of journalists and operators in the world of information.

In particular, in addition to dealing with the civil aspects of defamation, in its various meanings, judicial or extrajudicial right of reporting, criticism, investigative journalism, fake news, hate speech, removal of reviews or defamatory comments online, preventive advice on investigative journalism and books, etc., we also deal with the protection of web reputation, image rights, privacy, right to oblivion, name and personal identity, copyright and digital copyright protection. Finally, we also deal with journalistic ethics and journalistic work.

We offer our assistance and judicial and extrajudicial consultancy to national, independent and international film, theatre and music production companies, to authors and other operators in the sector for all copyright management activities, including on-line, contracts, licences and disclaimers relating to image rights and privacy and the marketing of works of art. We also follow the world of entertainment and fashion, contracts with testimonials, influencers and, more generally, everything related to the promotion of brands and image on social networks.

We offer our assistance and advice to athletes, sports federations, sponsors, in the professional and amateur world, being able to count on the cooperation of one of the greatest experts in sports law. In particular, we are able to offer assistance on contracts for the sale and purchase of the right to the performance of athletes, financing and investments related to the world of sport, sports employment contracts and management of labour law issues related to sports operators and related regulations (FIGC, UEFA and FIFA); relations with agents and institutions and authorities in the sector; exploitation of image rights, sponsorship contracts, representation, promo-advertising licenses, management of television and intellectual property rights (IP rights filing and protection, entertainment rights, merchandising, ambush marketing, management of litigation related to such rights), production and supply contracts, franchising, sponsorships, brand management, including regulatory assistance related to transnational contracts; statutes of sports associations and clubs and sports activities (memberships, affiliations, subscriptions, insurance coverage); management of the construction of sports infrastructures; safe opening of sports facilities, including related protocols to manage the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency; immigration law related to sports, both for professional teams and athletes; production of sports apparel and equipment; auditing and best practice manuals, compliance and prevention of money laundering; dispute resolution, litigation, arbitration and other sports jurisdictions both domestic and international.

Finally, we assist leading players in the world of so-called "eSports", i.e. the playing of video games at an organized and professional competitive level.

A team of professionals in areas related to sports law, intellectual property, competition, commercial, labour, administrative, litigation and arbitration, enables us to offer our clients a complete multidisciplinary assistance.

We are part of the international association Global Sports Law Group. Some of our professionals are part of the "Sports Law and Sporting Events" Commission of the Milan Bar Association and in this capacity organize/participate in conferences and seminars on sports law.

We have many years of experience in the sector of legal gaming and gaming with prizes and, more generally, in the world of leisure and we regularly assist some of the main players on the Italian market in their daily activities, in extraordinary operations, purchases of business units, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, in relations with gaming licensees and for all regulatory aspects, also assisting them before the Regional Administrative Courts and the Council of State.

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