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Areas of activity

Antitrust, Competition and Consumer Law

A deep knowledge of Antitrust Law on a global scale and on the most dynamic markets

A thorough understanding of the national, European and international character of Antitrust Law, and of the quick development of its applications, grants us the ability to offer to our Clients a comprehensive and progressive assistance.

Our small team has great and long-standing experience – also in institutions – at national, European and international level. This gives us a prompt ability to analise antitrust cases and a full awareness of the decision processes that lead to the application of Competition Law.

Our professional and academic experience grants us high-level tools for addressing the newest matters related to Antitrust Law, focusing in particular on the trade off between competition and innovation and on multi-disciplinary connections such as the ones related to Consumer Protection and Privacy.

Our practice covers also transnational and fast changing markets, such as Digital and Data Driven, as well as the ones in which a relationship between Competition Law and Intellectual Property Law is developing, such as Information Technology and Pharmaceutical.

Given the close Italian-French relations in the Antitrust field, we have entered into a collaboration agreement with Alice Pézard, a Paris-based lawyer specialising in Intellectual Property and Competition Law.

Antitrust and competition

Our activity includes legal assistance and avices to enterprises in each field of Competition Law

We represent and assist enterprises in:

  • Our activity includes legal assistance and avices to enterprises in each field of Competition Law;
  • Proceedings before Lazio Administrative Tribunal and Council of State, before each National Court in charge of judicial control over the decisions rendered by the National Competition Authorities as well as European General Court and Court of Justice.

We have experience in cases related to:

  • Competition-restricting agreements;
  • Abuse of dominant position;
  • Concentrations;
  • Abuse of economic dependence;
in application of Italian, European and extra-European provisions.

We represent and provide assistance to enterprises and consumers in compensation proceedings before the Italian comercial Courts of Milan, Rome and Naples, as well as before foreign Courts in:

  • Stand-alone actions;
  • Follow on actions;
  • Individual actions;
  • Class actions.

We provide assistance and advices to enterprises in drafting effective antitrust compliance programmes.

Consumer Law

We represent and provide assistance to enterprises and consumers in proceedings related to Consumer Protection before the Italian Competition Authority and other competent National Competition Authorities. Our specialisation includes cases and issues related to:

  • Unfair commercial practices;
  • Misleading advertising;
  • Unfair contract terms.

We represent enterprises in case of individual or class actions related to Consumers Protection before Italian and foreign Courts.

We provide advices and assistance to enterprises in drafting General Terms and Conditions of contracts in compliance with the quality policy standards provided by the applicable national and international rules.

Sectors in which we operate:

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